Picking The Right Lockable Cabinet For Your Needs

When it comes to picking lockable cubbies or cabinets, the first image that comes to mind are those metal, narrow cabinets that are grey in colour and somewhat dismal looking. However though this is the first impression that comes to mind, these standard storage spaces have come a long way and seem to have many options at your disposal.

These new age apparatuses are made with various materials and tend to come in many more colours and designs than what we are traditionally used to. So if you are looking for gym lockers for sale or other cabinets to use in schools, recreation or community centres, you will be surprised to see that there are quite a bit of variety on offer. Therefore knowing what type is best for you is important. Hopefully this list will give you an idea on what to pick

  • Open and free: these standard closets are used mostly when things need to be reachable quickly. These are usually not under lock and key so you will not keep any valuables or hazardous material within. They are considered mostly useful in hospitals, schools, police stations and emergency centers.
  • Plastic: these lockers are ideal for places that tend to get wet and are mostly humid such as a gym or a recreational pool facility. Some plastics like the heavy duty kind are ideal for outdoor use as well as they is strong enough to withstand some natural and chemical elements.
  • Wood: these are a more refined and stylish category mostly suitable for fashionable locations like hotels or private club lounges. Since style is focused on more that durability the spaces that use these are luxury resorts or private facilities that can well afford them.
  • Glass fronted: for locations where safety and security are important, fully enclosed cabinets are not suitable. If the stored items need to be easily viewable then glass fronted or clear front cabinets are mostly used.
  • Mini cubbies: these smaller versions are great for kids and even in locations where larger items are not stored. The kid’s versions come with brighter colours and prints so they are ideal for a child’s room or even to use in a kindergarten. Some individuals that come all prepared for gym mostly use cubbies to store a phone or a small bottle of water. So they are handy for gym use as well.
  • Wire cabinets: these are built to last a longer time. So if you require a set that is going t be frequently used and are meant to handle a lot of wear and tear then this option would be ideal.
  • Ventilated: these are used mostly in situations where you need a good level of circulation. Some health care facilities and gyms use these to prevent bacteria and humidity related problems from harming the contents. Hopefully this list has given you an idea of the options available. By no means does this list cover all the options available, so be sure to check your local suppliers for the current models and features before purchase.