Common Signs Of Pest Infestations

You might have heard that your neighbors suffered a major termite infestation and needed to call specialized pest control services in order to get them rid of this major nuisance why damaged a lot of their furniture. Now, this might have gotten you to think about your home as well. Even if they might not be visible during the day, pests might be thriving in your nice apartment, quickly reproducing and increasing their numbers with you being unaware of the situation. 

This is exactly why you need to stay alert to spot any signs of a pest infestation that might be occurring at your home. Most of the time, identifying these signs early on can lead to lower extermination costs: you might even be able to take care of the problem yourself (saving you even more money in the process). 

Various Odours 

Pests are living creatures, and as such you will definitely feel their presence in more than one way. For example, if you notice any odd smell around your house, it may point out to a likely infestation somewhere you don’t check too often. Sometimes, the smell itself is that of rotting food that the little creatures carried off somewhere else in order to consume. In the likely scenario that they will not finish their meal, food will be left to rot and attract even more insects like ants. 

Furniture Damage 

Is your furniture bulging or looking damaged from the outside? You may very well be suffering from a termite infestation, which is no small deal. The so-called white ant (although not being a subspecies of ant, technically speaking) can make short work of all the wooden items in your home, so be ready to get on the phone and call a pest extermination firm once you notice these early signs. 

Excretions and Droppings All Over the Place 

Pests will leave droppings all over your house if present in large quantities. This is perhaps the easiest method to note whether you are suffering from pest infestation problems, as animals aren’t exactly practicing good hygiene. Furthermore, these droppings can be vectors for diseases, which is dangerous if you have pets or small children residing at home. 

Blood Stains on Your Sheets 

This is specifically a sign of a bedbug infestation. There are other ways you can spot the presence of these creatures, such as the presence of their brown excrement and the remains of their eggshells and shed skins from the young. To start with safe pest termination, you need to clean all spots where you saw the above, as well any nearby areas including bookcases, mattresses, pillows, etc. Major infestations will definitely require professional help, however. 

Figuring out what exactly has infiltrated the house is not so easy all the time. For more information, always contact a professional before proceeding. Otherwise, you might waste money trying out pesticides that are ineffective against the type of pest which is currently giving you problems.